10 Best Portable Workbenches 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

by Safpai | Last Updated: July 26, 2020

Are you tired of putting your things here and there while working? Do you want to buy a workbench to resolve this issue? If yes, then you don’t need to be worried anymore. Selecting the right portable workbench is a challenging process. I have reviewed the 10 best portable workbenches for your convenience. It will be easy to decide a workbench for you after having a look at the amazing features, pros, and cons of the workbenches. You can choose any of these workbenches according to your workspace and budget.

Here is the reviews list of 10 best portable workbenches that will help you manage extra things during work:

Best Portable Workbench 2020 Review

  1. Keter Folding Work Table
  2. Black Decker Workbench
  3. Black Decker Portable Workbench, Project Center and Vise (WM425-A)
  4. Castool Folding Multipurpose Workmate Workbench
  5. Keter Jobmade Portable Work Bench and Miter Saw Table
  6. WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable Work Table
  7. Outlaw Racing Products Park Tool Pb-1 Portable Workbench
  8. Sontax Lightweight 250-Lbs Capacity Portable Folding Multipurpose Workbench
  9. Black & Decker Jr. Black & Decker Jr. Learn to Build 50 Piece Workbench Playset
  10. Bora Centipede 2×4 Feet Work Stand and Portable Table

Keter Folding Work Table – Best Portable Workbench

Working on different work projects is easy, but what makes it difficult is to handle the things when we have just two hands! The Keter folding workbench is the best portable workbench with four steel legs that can handle heavy work.

Since it’s the best folding work table, it doesn’t occupy much space as well due to its design. The most exciting thing is that it comes with a two-year warranty which reduces the risk of buying a new table.

It is resistant to dents and cracks, and you can work on it without any worries of the table getting damaged. The Keter foldable table has a plastic base that prevents it from rusting.

In addition to it, the big spaced table allows you to do any sort of work on it without any distractions. It has two wood clamps that can help you to hold the workpiece.

This Keter folding workbench leaves behind all the other tables when it comes to portability, having a convenient handle, and you can carry it to different job sites easily. So what are you waiting for? Order this best portable workbench before it runs out of stock!

Black+Decker Portable Folding Workbench

The Black decker folding work table can handle around 350 pounds load, it is a multi-function table so you can do almost all your work projects easily without worrying that the table will handle the load or not.

It’s a great portable table that provides ease in holding workpieces with the help of clamps and weighs just 15 pounds, which makes it easier to carry it from one job site to another.

What’s more interesting is that you can angle the table in different ways with the help of its four swivel pegs. Along with that, you have an advantage that the table jaws prevent warping and even swelling.

Customers avoid buying the tables that slide while you’re working, which distracts you, but this black decker table is different, it has non- skid feet. This best portable workbench can be folded flat, making it easy to store it wherever you want to, occupying less space. The piece is limited in stock, order, and grab it as soon as possible! Your comfort is worth the money.

BLACK+DECKER Portable Workbench with Vise (WM425-A)

As compared to other workbenches, this one can hold more weight around 550 pounds with the help of a heavy steel frame design. The height of the table can be adjusted in two ways, so if you are not satisfied with the height, you can change it.

This portable work table itself weighs 41.9 pounds, having a one-handed clamp system. The workbench is really innovative, helping you to do your work comfortably with relaxation.

If you’re a homeworker, a carpenter, work on wood, or do any other sort of heavy work, this portable woodworking station will prove to be an excellent choice for you due to its longevity.

The four swivel pegs can help you adjust the table according to your work, making the table flexible and stable. This Black+Decker best portable workbench can be folded easily, giving you fewer storage problems, and you can keep it wherever you want as it won’t occupy much space. Get this excellent workbench at your home and work comfortably.

We have two years limited warranty as well. Order your piece now and improve your working facilities.

Castool Folding Multipurpose Workmate Workbench Sawhorse

To all the Carpenters, woodworkers, and people handling home workshops, this is a fantastic folding sawhorse workbench. It’s not just a simple table, but it can be used as a stool or even a bench vice versa so it is a multi-function workpiece.

Castool Workbench has a durable steel frame, which makes it capable of holding loads of around 350 pounds; You can do heavy work on it too. Having swivel pegs, you can adjust the directions for your ease.

Moreover, the table has non-skid feet, so you are free of tension, knowing that the table won’t slide, and you can do your construction work without any disturbance. It has workpiece holders and doesn’t weigh a lot to carry it from one job site to another without any issues.

You also have two color choices, and you can choose a color according to your taste. The table is stable to work and worth your money and it is the best choice for DIY enthusiasts, carpenters, and home mechanics.

Order and buy it quickly without wasting time and your money on other products, they are limited in stock!

Keter Jobmade Best Portable Woodworking Station for Garage

The Keter portable workbench is suitable for almost all sorts of work, including painting and home construction work projects. You can quickly shift it to different places because of its excellent portability plus having a handle to carry it and Sebring tip.

This best portable workbench can be flatly folded easily so you can keep it anywhere you want occupying less space, along with the fact that it has a storage compartment. You can use it to store your woodworking tools and other items there. Having good star ratings, the table has a great ability, and that is it can hold weight up to 1000 pounds.

In addition to it, this best mobile workbench is made by the resin, which prevents it from rusting and peeling, you won’t need to change the table again and again. It is built-in with leg stabilizers, ensuring that the table maintains its grip even on odd surfaces.

This Keter Job made workbench is ideal for professional workers, and believe me, you won’t regret buying it! Order this best portable workbench before they run out of stock!

WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable Folding Work Table

Sidekick Portable Work Table cannot be ignored when talking about the best workbench for the garage. Although it can handle a weight of around 300 pounds, this is enough to handle your workshop projects. This WORX pegasus work table is a portable design table.

It weighs just 14 pounds, and you can easily carry it around your home or to other places without taking much valuable space from your home or workshop.

The legs of the table are detachable, which means that the tabletop and its legs are separated after use; this makes the tabletop appropriate for a garden table or a serving table due to this mechanism.

There are metal legs, so there are no worries about the table slipping, and you can comfortably enjoy your day. This best portable workbench comes with four clamp dogs, which ensures that your things are safely kept on the table.

The great thing about the table is that it comes with a 30-day manufacturer warranty. The table is a great product to choose from when it comes to portability. Check the price and order your table as soon as possible and make your life comfortable. Go and make a wise decision!

Outlaw Racing Pb-1 Mobile Workbench

Coming with one color option, black, the outlaw racing best portable workbench is ideal if you’re a carpenter and looking for workbenches to carry on races and rides during your construction work. Given a 4.7 star rating, people like it, and they didn’t regret buying it due to its longevity.

Transportation of a complete table on rides and races can be troublesome and uncomfortable. Still, here this portable workbench can be folded so that it is carried easily to different places.

For home mechanics and other people working in workshops, this table is an appropriate choice for you! The table has various cutouts to hold your woodworking tools and other accessories easily.

The table occupies very little space as you can see in the pictures and has a height of around 32″ Go and buy your Outlaw Racing workbench without wasting much time! The price is reasonable and definitely worth the product!

Sontax Multi-Function Portable Workbench

The Sontax Workbench is an excellent collapsible workbench suitable for construction projects and carpenters due to its mechanism. It can hold weight up to 250 pounds on its shelf and has a height of 30″.

Being very low in weight can be carried easily to different job sites and take less storage space. The folding capability can help you store the table in your houses and workshops without occupying much space.

This best portable workbench has two independent wood clamps, and these swivel pegs prevent the table from sliding so you can do your work without any worries and with full ease. The top is laminated, and it’s irritating when you have to take out your measuring instruments again and again.

Hence, the tabletop already has a measuring scale and protractor printed on it! So, do your work and projects comfortably on this collapsible workbench. You should value your money, but the price is completely reasonable, and the product is worth your money as well.

Order your Sontax lightweight table soon!

Black & Decker Jr. Learn to Build 50 Piece Workbench Playset

For our children who are bored all day and night and are looking for something productive. You might want to give your children some gifts, right? Here it is! This is a 50 piece workbench Playset that has 50 tools and accessories that look completely real, if you children are above 3, you must buy them this playset to keep them busy and make them more creative.

The playset is very light, weighing 7.2 pounds, so you should be fine that your child won’t face issues about transportation of this tool. The tools include saws and hammers, and the playset gives your child something different as kids nowadays don’t like playing with dolls and toys.

The tools make the children active, and they won’t disturb you throughout the day. So enjoy your day with your kids and their playset! Help them know about different tools and their usage! Order the playset soon before they get unavailable!

Bora Centipede Portable Sawhorse Table

Here is the complete kit of the Bora Portable sawhorse table that consists of 2 clamps, steady boards and brackets, X shaped along with the table.

The table’s height is 30 inches, which makes it a perfect height for your work and not only work, but the table is so flexible that it can be used for anything like your garden table, or you can even take it on beaches.

It becomes a headache for carpenters to take your accessories in your hand every time and then put it back in the bag. Here we have a solution for it. There are bench dog holes of around 4 inches to help you store your accessories over there.

You can transport it with you anywhere since it is incredibly portable and flexible because of its collapsing steel legs.

The bag will help you to keep your accessories safe and together! Don’t miss this brilliant product and order it as soon as you get satisfied with the price! You won’t regret buying it! This is the best choice for home mechanics and professionals as well. Just order it and keep the table with you everywhere!

Buying Guide of Portable Workbenches

Before buying any workbench and then regretting it, you should know the essential points to consider and see in the product you are willing to buy.


Check the size and height of the workbench correctly before buying it in a hurry. Some workbenches have less working space and other more facilities.

Still, if your work depends on the space, you need to take a table with ample space. Secondly, the height of the table shall also suit you. It’s better to choose a table that can take two heights as well.


We cannot deny the fact that the more weight of a table is, the more weight it can handle, but when there is more weight, you cannot transport it everywhere, so it’s better to choose a table that is convenient to handle.

If you want a table to do heavy work, then considering a heavy table will be a good option, but if light-weighted tables can handle enough weight you are looking for, go for them.


Workbenches occupy a lot of space. Therefore, we need to look for flat foldability in tables to occupy as much less space as possible. Ensure that the workbench you are buying folds to a convenient size that makes it easy for you to store wherever you want!


Work is done perfectly when we don’t get distracted, but some workbenches tend to slip while doing work. Therefore, we aren’t able to work correctly. Make sure the workbench you are buying has non-skid feet that don’t slide and are stable on even-odd surfaces.


Before buying any workbench, you need to know the work you’ll be doing on the table, like if you’re doing work that requires a lot of space, you need to find a workbench with a broad tabletop. Workbench should suit your job.


While doing work on regular tables, some of them break due to Heavy Load and some slides. Therefore, you are not able to do your work with full concentration.

Hence, these are the best portable workbenches we can suggest to you with good ratings, and you can do your work without any distraction. Before buying any workbench, you should read the buying guide and then make a wise decision.

Have a look at all the workbenches mentioned above and read the reviews too for more satisfaction. We hope our recommendations will worth your money, and you won’t regret buying from these workbenches.