Best Steam Irons Under $50 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Steam Irons Under $50 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Steam irons are useful appliances that every household should have. They help in getting rid of stubborn wrinkles in garments through powerful steam shots. Due to advances in technology, vertical steam irons refresh hanging clothes and curtains.

Some of the best steam irons cost a lot, and it can be difficult finding a cheap model that will deliver a stellar performance.
There are several features to look out for when searching for the best iron. Whereas your budget should come first, the selected should be high quality and meet your needs.

If you are looking for the best steam iron under $50, the choices could be overwhelming. Worry less; we’ve rounded up some of the best products to make your shopping a hassle-free exercise.

Why Buy Steam Irons?

Steam irons are handy appliances for homes and useful for keeping your clothes in good condition. These essential products perform better than traditional iron models because they use steam power and heat very fast. Additionally, they use vertical steam to refresh hanging clothes and garments.

The market has both high-end steam irons that cost a lot; however, you can still find reasonably priced options below $50.

Best Top-Rated Steam Irons Under $50 Review

With the testing results and reviews of dozens of steam iron models, we have concluded some of the finest and inexpensive steam irons that will cost you no more than 50 bucks, and you will get the quality steam iron as well. So read our reviews and pick up the iron that suits you most.

Rowenta-DW5080 – Best Affordable Steam Iron Box



  • 1700 watts of power
  • Stainless steel soleplate and precision tip
  • Over 400 steam holes
  • Automatic shut-off system
  • Adjustable thermostat knob
  • Uses tap water
  • 10 oz. tank capacity

Our first product is the Rowenta-DW5080 steam iron, which comes at an unbelievably low price. Several features make this iron a top contender.
For starters, it features a stainless steel soleplate, which is durable and a good value for money.

The precision tip has an angle shape that removes creases on garments even on stubborn areas. It also uses anti-drip technology that protects your delicate fabrics.

You’ll get top-notch performance due to the over 400 steam holes that distribute steam to all areas of the garment. Also, it’s easy to use and has a thermostat knob that lets you select your suitable steam mode setting depending on your garment.

Rowenta irons promise the safety guaranteed as with this iron has an automatic three-way shut-off system to prevent any damage or burning. Therefore, this prevents any accidents that may occur.

The tank has 10 OZ capacity and is easy to refill. Additionally, you can use tap water thanks to the anti-calcium and automatic cleaning system. It’s the best clothing Iron.


  • Easy to use
  • Well-designed
  • High performance
  • Auto shut-off system for safety
  • Allows for the use of tap water
  • Durable
  • Has an automatic cleaning system
  • budget-friendly


  • The problem of water dripping

BLACK+DECKER Steam Iron for Clothes Under $50



  • Customizable digital screen
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Customizable temperature/steam mode settings
  • Auto shut-off system
  • Anti-drip system
  • Moisture control buttons
  • Auto-clean system

If you’re looking for a high-quality steam iron that will remove wrinkles in your garments, you may consider the Black & Decker Iron. This incredible appliance has all the bells and whistles you would need in a steam iron.

With this U-shape clothing iron, you’ll get excellent performance thanks to the digital control panel and an LCD display screen that lets you set the steam rate depending on your fabric.

Another thing to add is that you can customize the temperature and steam options for better results.
Moreover, it’s easy to use and comes loaded with an LCD screen that is easier to use. You can customize your settings and fabric, plus it flashes a READY button when ready.

The soleplate is made of stainless steel, which is durable and heavy-duty. Indeed it’ll slide effortlessly and reach all areas of your fabric, thereby removing crease quickly.

For your safety, the iron has the auto-off system that switches off when you leave it unattended. Also, it has an auto-clean system that allows the use of tap water by flashing out calcium and other minerals.
The handle is comfortable to use, and your hands will not get tired even when ironing a large heap of clothes.


  • High-quality product
  • Easy to heat up
  • Anti-drip
  • Well-balanced and comfortable handle
  • Auto-clean system
  • Digital LCD display screen for steam options and temperature settings


  • Doesn’t have a non-retractable cord

Braun 2000 Watt Steam Iron Under $50



  • Uses 2000 watts of power
  • Steam rate 120g/min
  • Power cord measurement 2m
  • Auto-clean function
  • Utilizes vertical shot
  • Tank capacity 0.3 liters

The Braun model is a good bargain if you’re looking for a steam iron to get rid of hard to reach areas on clothes. It’s a high-quality clothing iron made from durable steel and comes with incredible features yet all these at a fair price.

For starters, it uses 2000 watts of power and can generate a steam rate of 120g/min. Even better, it releases a vertical shot that can smooth curtains and other hanging garments.

With such a remarkable speed, you’re guaranteed of performance within a short time. Likewise, it heats up fast, and you’ll love the automatic shut off feature that goes off when you leave the iron unattended.
This steam iron has an auto-clean feature that eliminates calcium deposits in the water. Therefore, you can use water straight from the tap.


  • High quality and durable
  • Vertical shot for smoothing curtain and hanging clothes
  • Auto-shut feature
  • Auto-cleaning function
  • Heats really quick
  • High performance
  • Easy to use


  • The iron plate doesn’t distribute heat evenly

Russell Hobbs Steam Iron Under $50 that Doesn’t Leak



  • Power 2600 watts
  • Shot rate 150g/min
  • Ceramic soleplate
  • Anti-drip function
  • Tank capacity 315ml
  • Anti-clean feature

Russell Hobbs Steam Iron is our next product, which comes at a reasonable price but performs better like high-end options.
The design incorporates a ceramic soleplate for durability. When it comes to performance, the soleplate is infused with pearl to smooth gliding on garments.

Russell Hobbs has an incredibly fast steam shot at 150g/min, which eliminates stubborn wrinkles in seconds. Besides, the powerful shot enables you to smooth clothes on a hanger.

Another thing to add is the anti-drip function that allows you to iron without the need to worry about water staining your clothes. So it’s the iron that doesn’t leak. We love the auto-clean feature that eliminates the accumulation of calcium, and this extends its lifespan.

Even though it features a lightweight design, it’s heavy enough when straightening clothes. The tank is large and can hold 315ml and hence no need to keep refilling it.


  • Has a fast shot rate
  • Build to last
  • High performance
  • Auto clean feature
  • Doesn’t stain clothes
  • Heats fast
  • Light on budget


  • The cord is short

Beko 2400 Watt Steam Iron Under $50



  • Power rating 2400w
  • 3-way auto-shut feature
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Tank capacity 400ml

Beko steam iron will give you value for money and comes with a 400 ml tank capacity. Besides, it’s an attractive steam iron that eases your ironing activity by getting rid of the toughest stains.

The iron heats fast, and you’ll be impressed by the consistent steam trigger that can even smooth hanging clothes.

The auto shut-off function gives you a peace of mind that the iron will shut down should you leave it unattended.

We also need to mention that the soleplate is made of heavy-duty material to deliver the best ironing experience. It’ll glide through creases and smooth the toughest wrinkles in a short time.

With a single refill, you’ll get a consistent steam shot, which means you can iron or even enliven hanging clothes.
Lastly, this clothing iron has an auto-clean function which cleans mineral deposits from the water. Thus, you can fill the tank with tap water.


  • Well-designed
  • Auto shut-off system for safety
  • Large tank capacity
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Has an automatic cleaning system


  • It’s a bit heavy

Steamfast 420 Watt Best Lightweight Steam Iron Under $50



  • Tank capacity 1.4 ounce
  • One-touch digital control
  • Three temperature controls
  • 420 watts of power
  • 0.96 pounds
  • A dual voltage of 100, 240 volts
  • Four steam holes
  • Heat indicator button

Ironing will now be more comfortable with the Steamfast Steam Iron, a highly efficient iron with the excellent steam flow and smooth gliding action. It heats fast, and the steam rate is sufficient to freshen up your clothes on the hanger.

This steam iron has all-round features that promise optimum performance. Firstly, the water tank is a generous size and requires less filling quite often. Also, the cord is long enough, which saves you the trouble of ironing close to the socket and the weight is only 0.96 lbs.

You’ll love the comfortable handle that offers an excellent grip and is gentle on your hands.

The Steamfast model has a digital screen that lets you customize your ironing setting, depending on your garments.

It also features a lightweight design and a compact unit that you can carry along when travelling. Best of all, it has a dual voltage that makes it an excellent choice for use overseas.

Lastly, you’ll get more value since the soleplate is made of durable material, and it has non-stick properties. It’s a complete package with a low budget price.


  • Easy to use
  • Dual voltage
  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Customizable
  • A large tank that reduces refill duration


  • Spills water in garments

Tefal Maestro 2400 Watt Steam Iron Under $50



  • Steam shot of 120g/min
  • Anti-scale feature
  • Ceramic soleplate
  • 2400 watts of power
  • Extra-large tank

The Tefal Maestro Steam Iron is one of the best appliances that will get rid of creases on clothes quickly. It has some advanced features that ease the ironing process, especially if your water is prone to limescale accumulation.

For the price, this iron performs well and glides effortlessly across your garments. The weight is moderate, and even with water, you’ll not feel the heaviness.

For durability, it features a ceramic soleplate, which is also non-stick, and this protects your clothes from burning.
It features an extra-large tank that ensures you don’t have to refill quite often. Besides, the water level is visible, and this allows you to estimate the next refill.

Another unique feature is the anti-scale that makes maintenance easy, and this ensures durable performance.
The steam rate is powerful and high pressure at 40g/minute and can even extend to 120g/min. With this kind of consistency, you can use it to smooth hanging clothes.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent performance
  • Moderate weight
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Extra-large tank and visible water level
  • The anti-scale feature allows for easy maintenance
  • Powerful steam shots


  • Doesn’t have an auto-shutoff feature

Shark 1500 Watt Steam Iron Under $50



  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • The power rating of 1500 watts
  • 260-milliliter water tank capacity
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Button fit tip

One thing that strikes about the Shark Steam Iron is the simple design and pleasant appeal. Apart from that, the price is fantastic and will exceed your expectations.

It does a fantastic job of getting rid of those stubborn creases from your clothes. It may not have top-end iron features but is a good bargain if you’re looking for an affordable iron. The tip is well shaped to allow for smooth gliding and maneuverability.

The soleplate is made of stainless steel with steam holes at the bottom. This ensures there’s a uniform distribution of steam and also promises a long-lasting performance.

The Shark lightweight professional iron utilizes 1500 watts of power, which offers powerful steam shots to smooth clothes.

The water tank is generously large, with a capacity of 260 milliliters. Hence, you don’t have to keep on refilling it.
Lastly, it has an auto shut-off feature, which gives you the confidence that your safety is guaranteed.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight design
  • Large tank
  • Has auto shut-off feature
  • Excellent performance


  • Doesn’t have an auto-grip

Hamilton Beach 1500 Watt Steam Iron Under $50



  • 3-way auto-shutoff feature
  • Vertical steam function
  • Retractable cord
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Ten-year warranty on the soleplate
  • 1500 watts of power

Our next product is the Hamilton Beach steam iron, which is one of the cheapest steam irons with excellent scores when it comes to performance. The product has been tested for quality and, therefore, good value for money, and it won’t mess with your savings.

Despite the low price, this iron is ten times durable compared to regular non-stick irons, and a ten-year warranty backs the soleplate. One outstanding feature is the vertical steam that lets you get rid of creases on hanging clothes. It shoots hot steam on your clothes, thereby delivering crease-free garments within no time.

This iron is safe to use and has the auto shut-off features. You’ll have peace of mind that it will go off when you forget to switch off. Other features include the self-clean function that lets you use tap water and the anti-drip technology.

The design is compact and features a retractable cord that makes storage easy. Furthermore, the handle is comfortable on your hand and has a perfect grip.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent performance
  • Has a retractable handle
  • Durable soleplate
  • Large tank
  • Powerful steam shot
  • Comfortable handle
  • Anti-drip feature


  • Heavy

Maytag 1500 Watt Steam Iron Under $50



  • Anti-scale feature
  • Anti-calcium function
  • Self-cleaning function
  • 1.8 oz tank
  • Two-year warranty
  • Precision thermostat

Maytag steam iron comes at a low price and heats fast to deliver the best ironing experience. Overall, you’ll be impressed by the effectiveness of this iron-on, eliminating wrinkles on garments at incredible speeds.

The stainless steel soleplate glides effortlessly on different garments, whether silk, cotton, or linen, with little resistance.

We like the long cord, which is ideal for far-to-reach corners of your board. The 1.8 oz tank is large enough which requires fewer refills.
We love the fact that the iron heats very fast than a standard iron. Plus, with the vertical steam, you can refresh your hanging clothes, which is also enhanced by the soft-touch grip.

Another feature is the accuracy thermostat that lets you choose your preferred temperature depending on the fabric.

The best part is that it features an auto-clean function, and therefore you don’t have to worry about filling with tap water. Other features that allow for durability include anti-calcium and anti-scale.


  • Well-designed
  • Auto shut-off system for safety
  • Large tank capacity
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Has an automatic cleaning system


  • The button is poor quality

Buying Guide

Things to consider when buying a Best Steam Iron

Ironing clothes helps in maintaining the value of clothes. When looking for a steam iron, there are some factors you need to consider.

Without a doubt, steam irons come with different features. While some may have an appealing design, there’s more than meets the eye, and the best steam iron should deliver the best performance. In this review, we’ll explore these features to help you make an informed decision.


This is the most crucial feature of iron, and in most cases, it determines its lifespan. A non-stick soleplate doesn’t scratch or stick onto clothes and is easy to clean. So always look for anti-stick sole plates.

A sole plate made of ceramic material heats up evenly and will glide smoothly on the fabric. Even though ceramic is more expensive, it’s a better value when compared to other materials. On the other hand, stainless steel doesn’t rust, and anodized aluminum is durable and scratch-resistant.

Power Wattage

The speed at which an iron heats up depends on the amount of wattage. Other factors may affect the quality of iron, even when the wattage is high. To be safe, choose an iron with 1500 watts and above.

Gripping Handles

Choose an iron with a comfortable handle as it will not strain you, especially when ironing bulk clothes.
Consider a handle that will fit appropriately into your palm and one with a textured grip. It prevents sliding when your hands are sweaty. Check if the thermostat control knobs are within reach to adjust when still holding the iron.


It’s wise to consider an iron with pointed precision tips. This will help you to iron even the hidden spots and also the button areas. It is easy to maneuver even the zip area and also the creases. A broad tip will not iron those areas properly.

Steam Distribution Pressure & Variation

The micro-holes on the soleplate determine the amount of steam released at a particular time. Select an iron with many holes as it makes the ironing easier as the steam will be evenly distributed around the soleplate.

A more advanced steam iron comes with steam mode settings that let you change direction power and humidity to suit the cloth material you are ironing.

Vertical Steam

An iron with this feature allows you to remove creases while holding the iron vertically at a distance away from the fabric.

It will be easier for you to work on curtains and to hang clothes like coats. It’s more applicable when you want to avoid direct contact with a fabric that may get damaged if exposed to direct heat from the soleplate.

Fabrics such as silk or light nylon will fit into this class of iron.

Cord Length

Choose an iron with a longer cord, as this will allow you excellent maneuverability on the ironing board. Make sure the cord is retractable and not an ordinary one.


A good iron should neither be too heavy nor very light. Heavy iron is uncomfortable though they may be right in removing creases. Select a comfortable weight and one that will remove creases from the fabric.

Water Filling Tank

There are irons with dark-colored water tanks and others with transparent tanks. A transparent tank is better since you’re able to monitor and control the water levels.

A detachable tank is easy to refill but if permanently fixed to the select iron one with a wide spout to allow easy refilling.

Auto Shut-Off

It is safe to use an iron with an auto shut off to prevent potential fire hazards and damages if the iron is not switched off after use. This feature will guarantee your safety at all times.


A steam iron needs regular cleaning and maintenance to make it last longer. Good steam iron has self-cleaning features like an anti-calc scale to remove calcium buildup, which may interfere with the iron’s mechanism.
An anti-drip feature helps prevent leakage and spitting if you overload the steam function erroneously.


It’s not unusual to buy an iron, and it fails to function when you get home. With a warranty, you can get a replacement or free fixing at no cost from the brand.


Without a doubt, steam irons are a necessity and a must-have investment in homes. However, due to many brands on the market, it can be tricky to get one that will deliver value and performance. From our review, it’s evident that quality is the most outstanding feature you should look for when shopping for a steam iron.

You can gauge the performance of your iron by the shot rate and ability to heat fast. Most importantly, the appliance that gives you the ultimate ironing experience gets rid of even the toughest cloth wrinkles. Hopefully, you can now shop for the best steam iron under $50 without a hassle.

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Best Steam Irons Under $50 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide Appliances

Best Steam Irons Under $50 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Steam irons are useful appliances that every household should have. They help in getting rid of stubborn wrinkles in garments through powerful steam shots. Due to advances in technology, vertical...

By Safpai

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Best Steam Irons Under $50 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide Appliances

Best Steam Irons Under $50 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Steam irons are useful appliances that every household should have. They help in getting rid of stubborn wrinkles in garments through powerful steam shots. Due to advances in technology, vertical...

By Safpai